Prevent losses through better forecasting

Prevent losses through better forecasting

Prevent losses through better forecasting

How much would you save if you had an automated strawberry yield forecasting tool powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)? We have counted. About 7,000 Euro per hectare.

Wrong estimates based on the gut feeling of the yield cost strawberry growers and wholesalers a lot of money, because the price negotiations are based on the expected harvest, but not on the actual one. YieldComputer have developed algorithms and smart cameras that help soft berry growers and sellers create accurate forecasts and minimise losses.

More data, better forecasting, less losses

Growers don't want to disappoint their buyers. Harvest fluctuations are difficult to estimate. Therefore, growers and buyers often work with conservative estimates. If less berries are harvested, the difference has to be bought elsewhere at any price to meet the delivery obligation. Too many strawberries produced disappear into the freezer or jam or are sold at much lower prices that are not fair.

By automatically monitoring the crop and the environment and counting the flowers and fruits, we can now estimate the yield 1-4 weeks in advance. According to the calculations with our pilot growers we can say that even with an improvement of the forecast of 50 percent, the profit per hectare is increased by an average of 7,000 euros per hectare.

How does it work

Our autonomous SmartCropCams watch your crop, recognise fruit in different stadia of growth and sense the surroundings. The results with yield predictions of your configured fields are shown at the dashboard. These predictions can be used by growers and wholesalers for more reliable delivery and price agreements.

If you want to learn more about our approach to fruit counting and harvest forecast, register to our free online webinar on October 19th, 2021.

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