Forecasting made easy
for your whole soft fruit farm

Streamlining your Soft Fruit Forecasting process.

Save time

Saving  time, effortlessly

Automatic crop monitoring optimising communication and workflow  efficiency into an ease of mind. Having valuable insights available at a tap  of a button.

Yield Forecasts

yield forecasts

Our user-friendly tools and data insights empower you to make more accurate forecasts on field level. Offering transparent, valuable, and always up to date forecast insights.

Remote Crop monitoring

field monitoring

Monitoring multiple locations has never been this easy. Keep eyes on all your fields and crops, ensuring you are always in control about what is happening at every level of your operation.

YieldComputer Yield Forecasting solution, running on Laptop and Mobile

The importance of Yield Forecasting
in optimizing your business!

Unlock the undiscovered potential of your business with more accurate yield forecasts.
From enhancing sales strategies to resource planning, crop management, and harvest planning. In a business where expected yield volumes impact your daily operations.

YieldComputer equips you with the insights needed to make informed decisions, and drive sustainable success. Experience the power of accurate Yield Forecasting and take soft fruit farming to a new level of efficiency and profitability.

Learn how it works.

Daily fruit counting, in a split second, with our SmartCropCams

Our autonomous SmartCropCam analyses your crop, recognizes fruit in different stadia and senses the climate surroundings. All field planting and crop related data will be structured and stored safely into our data platform. So it will be accessible for you to use.

SmartCropCam monitoring your crop taking daily pictures and measuring climate
The YieldComputer harvest dashboard on a laptop in a strawberry field

Forecasting made easy

Our interactive dashboard and AI tooling, helps users in getting better insights and more accurate forecasts.
Working from a single company data source, all users within the same company have actual and real-time insights. This results in yearly improvements on forecast accuracy and therewith empowers you to optimise your revenue.

Optimize your business

Having more accurate insights in expected volumes in advance, supports you in playing a better sales game and enables you to run your operation more efficient. With benchmarking functionality, you can optimise your operation further by comparing different strategies.

Grower Huub proud in his glasshouse strawberry field

YieldComputer partnership

YieldForecasting optimization is not a one stop shop, but is a long term commitment,
thats why we treat our customers as partners. We are here for you:

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