Hurrah! Our adaptive Kg-prediction model is LIVE

Hurrah! Our adaptive Kg-prediction model is LIVE

With our latest release we put our so called ‘adaptive’ Kg-prediction algorithm to work in our production environment. This means we are collecting real-time (image) data in the field with our SmartCropCams combined with other field data sources, which is feeding our Kg-prediction algorithm. This results in a yield Kg-prediction 3-4 weeks ahead for the specific fields.

Although we are already optimizing the forecasting performance of our growers with our current solution, we expect to make some bigger optimization steps by adding this ‘adaptive’  kg prediction model.

In comparison to other ‘prediction’ solutions in the market, we are using crop level (image) data to refine our yield predictions. We have shown that this crop level data is essential for an accurate harvest forecast.

We have Strategic Partners for the Netherlands, UK and Spain already in place and are looking for Strategic partners for more countries in Europe, in case you are interested  to become one feel free to apply here (Strategic Partnership programme)

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