Dutch soft fruit yield forecasting start-up enters new phase

Dutch soft fruit yield forecasting start-up enters new phase

Eindhoven-basedYieldComputer has announced that it is entering the European market with its innovative solution for yield forecasting in the soft fruit sector, which sets new standards for accuracy and reliability.


This novel and fully integrated solution combines data from images captured by the Smart Crop Cam with information about temperature, radiation and CO2 levels, using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to produce reliable 1- to 3 -week yield forecasts. The results, which are invaluable to both sales and operational teams, are displayed in the form of convenient, easy-to-understand dashboards.

To support its market launch in Europe, YieldComputer teamed up with DeloitteDigital as part of the Future of Food Community.


Paul Rooimans, who is responsible for Global Strategy and Business Development at YieldComputer, commented, “We are delighted to become part of this Deloitte community and I’m confident that it will enable YieldComputer to maximise its potential during this important phase of its growth. At present, we will be focusing on major accounts with soft fruit business volumes of 2,500 tonnes or more. Our key markets are Western and Southern Europe, where we already have systems live in Germany, Netherlands, Spain and United Kingdom that will soon be handling strawberry production that totals more than 50,000 tonnes”.


Joep Arends, Director at Deloitte, commented, “It’s a real pleasure to be working with the enthusiastic team at YieldComputer. We believe that this dynamic startup, with such an innovative solution, will help the large-scale soft-food business to become more profitable and more sustainable.”


For more information about YieldComputer, contact prooimans@yieldcomputer.com

For more information about the Future of Food Program, contact JArends@deloitte.nl

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