Demonstrated time savings thanks to YieldComputer solution

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March 7, 2024 19:00
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Demonstrated time savings thanks to YieldComputer solution

The use of data insights in the soft fruit sector has become indispensable in optimizing operations and results. Fruit counts, annual plans, climate, picking performance of employees, row records and so on.
However, bringing this data together, storing and using it can take a lot of time and energy.

The YieldComputer solution shows serious time savings in daily operations and especially in optimizing the forecasting process. This includes user-friendly tools and data insights, which are centrally accessible to various stakeholders in the process.

Savings compared to using Excel

Excel is one of the most widely used systems for processing data and providing insight within the soft fruit sector. The various stakeholders in the process set up their own Excel systems in which the data obtained from another stakeholder is copied or even entered manually.

These Excel systems are refitted and refilled every season, making historical data comparison more difficult, unless another separate Excel system is set up for this purpose as well.

When using Excel sheet systems, we see that a lot of time is lost in repetitive tasks, including copy pasting data from one Excel system to another. This manual action is error-prone and therefore also needs all kinds of manual checks to ensure the quality of the data and thus insights.

The systems are also often set up according to the logic of individuals and therefore difficult to transfer and/or accessible to others.

The YieldComputer solution has the great advantage over Excel that it uses the same data source by different stakeholders. Many manual and repetitive tasks are automated and all entered data are directly validated for quality.  

This results in enormous time savings, as well as higher quality data (through automated validation), which is easy to benchmark with historical data and who is allowed to modify which data by means of roles and rights.

The datasets collected in YieldComputer are also structured for future model development, so that all kinds of (AI) applications can be developed to extract smarter insights and features from the collected data

Automating repetitive tasks

YieldComputer develops and helps users automate certain time-intensive tasks. What might take us a few hours as humans, a computer can calculate and prepare for us in less than a second.  

Examples include:  

·   Daily fruit counts at different locations in the field, giving us a better understanding of crop development.

·   Reusing data in different tools, without having to copy and paste this data back and forth.

·   Checking entered values, improving data quality and thus insights.

·   Data interpretation, so that the user can draw a quicker conclusion as to the desired action to adjust.

Time spent using YieldComputer solution

Depending on the user's role in the YieldComputer system, we measure differences in the time required in the system. But roughly we can classify it as follows:

Grower/field manager:  
35 - 60 minutes per week, for entering/adjusting their crop forecast based on the data provided and their insights from the field.
Whereas grower previously spent 2-3 hours per week on activities to arrive at a forecast.

Procurement/ Sales:  
60 - 120 minutes per day, for insight into expected production volumes to act on updated crop expectations.

Where before a lot of extra communication time was needed to coordinate with the grower and/or field manager on what his forecast was in the first place, we now see that the communication that is left is of higher quality and more on content, giving the insights a higher quality.

Depending on the implementation, data is even fed 1-to-1 into existing systems, eliminating the copying and pasting of updated crop predictions.

The use of the YieldComputer solution, in addition to saving a tremendous amount of time through automation, validation and communication optimization, also provides a quality boost to the data, with new actionable insights as data can be easily compared across seasons.

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