Want to join our pilot program

We are still in the development phase of our service and product. This means we are continuously improving our AI Machine Learning models on different varieties of strawberries and growing methods. We are also developing and building our SmartCropCams which are recognizing and counting fruit from flower till ripe strawberries.

We especially welcome growers from the UK and Germany that want to join our pilot projects

Within our pilot projects we offer our pilot growers:

  • Access to (their) data and insights
    which we collected with our SmartCropCams
  • Usage of our prediction services
    Be the first to have access to a prediction service, as far as they are available to use in a live environment.
  • Opportunity to influence us and the product
    with ideas and feature request
Get Started

We ask our pilot growers an investment in time and effort by:

  • Access to their historical and actual data
    to learn local differences and collect new training data with our SmartCropCams.
  • Harvest and count separately on cam positions
    during the pilot project to calibrate the yield predictions
  • Availability for evaluation and validation sessions
    We periodically do interviews and product/solution validation sessions for which we ask pilot growers to participate.

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