Webinar: Soft Fruit Peak Harvest Prediction

March 28, 2023 16:00
March 28, 2023 17:00
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Webinar: Soft Fruit Peak Harvest Prediction

With automatic data gathering from a strawberry field, we will be able to forecast the trend of the harvest 4 weeks ahead, including start and (un)expected peaks. This means more control over operations, produced volumes and commercial agreements. During this webinar our speakers will explain how you can make use of YieldComputer's smart technology in combination with trained (AI) models and will show an example case.

The key of accurate yield forecasting is constant data gathering in your field. With the help of our in-house developed ecosystem and technology we can monitor continuously the growth of strawberry plants, autonomously capturing their images (and other parameters) in the field.  These images give us the opportunity to detect the current state of the plant: does the plant have flowers, small berries, or ripe berries? Based on the digital fruit counting in combination with our trained plant growth model, we are then able to forecast the 4 weeks trend of harvest.

During this webinar the speakers will discuss how a grower can make use of the YieldComputer trend forecast, how the model works and where it is based on. Finally, we will discuss how the forecast model can be implemented by new clients for their specific field (cultivation type, climate, operational management, etc.)

Speaker: Rinse Liefferink – Data scientist

Host of the webinar: Paul Rooimans – Global Strategy

The number of seats is limited, because we want everyone be able to ask questions. Please, register below to reserve a seat.  The webinar will be held in English and can be accessed via Vimeo.

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