Webinar: New Error Margin KPI For More Accurate Soft Fruit Forecasts

November 8, 2022 16:00
November 8, 2022 17:00
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Webinar: New Error Margin KPI For More Accurate Soft Fruit Forecasts

Every season soft fruit growers and related sales parties encounter differences of 30-50% between what was forecasted and what was harvested from the fields.

But when talking about these percentages: do we really know what is meant and how it is measured? On a weekly level, a daily level, on a field level, a farm level, one week before, 2 weeks before? All organisations have their own maturity levels and methodology how to do this.

The only common denominator that we see is that people want to know what the actual deviation is and especially that in the peak and start of the harvest and that this is well represented in the measured error margin. During this important period most commercial damage is being done and this is not taken in account in most measurements of the accuracy (%) of the yield forecast.

After studying many companies and doing deep dives with our strategic partners and future customers we can confirm that the way the error margin is being measured does not represent in more than 90% of the cases the reality and does not show the real upwards improvement potential for the growers and related sales parties

That’s why YieldComputer developed a new (2.0) forecasting accuracy methodology that best reflects the needs of sales and procurement departments struggling for an accurate and timely yield forecasts.

During this webinar we will address the following topics:

  • Develop a common understanding about the numbers and definitions
  • Explain why we developed this new KPI “error margin”
  • Show how the “error” margin KPI works
  • Demonstrate how to create 100% transparency on your current performance of connected farms in the organisation, set goals and measure improvements
  • Benchmark specific growers and field planting within your organisation
  • Discuss how you can manage this and make it happen in one ecosystem that connects plants, fields, growers, procurement and sales

Speaker: Bas van Hulten – Director of implementations, responsible for implementations and service of YieldComputer strategic partners gives an update about this topic and its practical examples

Host of the webinar: Paul Rooimans — Global Strategy and Business Development YieldComputer

Accurate soft fruit yield forecasting is hard! But register now and see how it can be made easy!

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