Webinar: Increase your revenue and drop your operational costs

September 19, 2023 16:00
September 19, 2023 17:00
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Webinar: Increase your revenue and drop your operational costs

Experience a substantial boost in revenue and a significant reduction in operational costs with our ground breaking YieldComputer Solution. For a standard soft fruit grower managing 5,000 tons, we've witnessed remarkable revenue increases of up to €150,000 coupled with operational savings of €100,000 post the integration of our innovative solution.

Join us for a compelling webinar where we delve into:

·       Expanding sales Horizons: Explore inspiring success stories of clients who elevated their revenue and profit margins through innovative strategies.

·       Sharper Yield Forecasts: Learn the art of achieving 50% more accurate yield forecasts, especially during crucial harvest weeks, leading to optimal planning and resource allocation.

·       Operational Efficiency Unleashed: Discover the impressive impacts of a mere 30% improvement in overall yield forecasts on the operational facet of your business.

·       Stability in Flux: Navigate the realm of real-time field data to mitigate significant yield fluctuations, ensuring a consistent and reliable output.

·       The Blueprint for Success: Gain insights into the architecture ofYieldComputer's ecosystem, a proven enabler of exceptional outcomes.

All instances shared are drawn from the tangible successes of our valued clientele. Watch one of our client stories here:


From the R&D center: Pieterjan Oomen, R&D Director of YieldComputer BV

Host of the webinar: Paul Rooimans — GlobalStrategy and Business Development YieldComputer

Date: September 19th, 2023

Time: 16:00 CET

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