Easy and Accurate Forecasting for Soft Fruit Growers and Wholesale

February 7, 2023 16:00
February 7, 2023 17:00
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Easy and Accurate Forecasting for Soft Fruit Growers and Wholesale

Operations, procurement, supply chain and sales in big soft fruit growers or wholesale companies face the pain of poor forecasting daily. Do you wish you had more control over your operations and sales?

YieldComputer delivers from 30% and up to 50% more accurate forecasting for soft fruit growers and wholesalers. Learn what it means for your organization!

See the full story of one of our Strategic Partners BerryWorld Netherlands who succeeded to optimize the accuracy of their forecast:

Host: Paul Rooimans, Global Strategy and Business Development Director of YieldComputer BV

From the R&D center: Pieterjan Oomen, R&D Director of YieldComputer BV

Date: February 7, 2023

Time: 16:00 CET

Please join our YieldComputer Webinar as we share a new strategy for bringing you valuable insights into the forecasting process - resulting in higher efficiency and margins for your company.

In this webinar, Paul and Pieterjan will lead you through:

  • How accurate forecasts optimize operations and improve sales
  • Introducing a new industry benchmark for soft fruit forecast accuracy measurement that will show your true improvement potential
  • A new digitized process of forecasting from ‘the field up to procurement and/or sales ’
  • How YieldComputer enables the industry to get an easier and accurate forecast
  • An end-to-end approach that bridges existing industry silos
  • The interactive actionable insights that are available for operations and sales
  • Real success case stories
  • An update on our status quo and short term new innovative product releases

Register now to see how forecasting can be made easy and accurate! You will be surprised.

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