Webinar: Digital Fruit Counting

May 24, 2022 16:00
May 24, 2022 17:00
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Webinar: Digital Fruit Counting

With smart technology in the DNA of our approach you will be able to create reliable soft fruit yield forecasts several weeks ahead. During this webinar our speakers will explain how YieldComputer realises a precise and fast counting of strawberries, as well as creates an accurate forecast of their ripeness with its computer vision technology.

We have invited our associated agronomist and our AI (Artificial Intelligence) director to explain how soft fruit growing can be effectively combined with innovative technologies to get more control over your yield and to increase your bottomline in the end. We will tell you how the principle of visual recognition works and how the YieldComputer image recognition model was created.

  • Automated fruit counting tool: what does it mean for agronomists and harvest managers? Is it possible to replace the eyes of the growers with Smart Camera’s and AI algorithms? Marcel Beekers — Agronomist | SoftFruitConsult
  • How is the visual classification via images realised and how does it differ from counting manually? Can AI algorithm count as well as a human grower? How to use AI Algorithm to predict strawberries yield trends? Albert van Breemen — AI/Data Director YieldComputer

Host of the webinar: Paul Rooimans — Global Strategy and Business Development YieldComputer

The number of seats is limited, because we want everyone be able to ask questions. Please, register below to reserve a seat. ‍ The webinar will be held in English and can be accessed via ZOOM. We recommend installing ZOOM in advance. You can download this app from: https://zoom.us/download

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