Webinar for staff in operations, procurement, supply chain, sales, and IT

April 19, 2022 16:00
April 19, 2022 17:00
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Webinar for staff in operations, procurement, supply chain, sales, and IT

Operations, procurement, supply chain, sales, and IT management in big soft fruit growers or wholesale companies face the pain of poor forecasting daily. Do you wish you had more control over your operations and sales?

40-50% error margin is common across the soft fruit industry.
Achieving an accurate yield forecast is challenging.

Please join YieldComputer as we share a new strategy for bringing you insights into the forecasting process - resulting in higher efficiency and margins for your company.

Host: Paul Rooimans, Global Strategy and Business Development Director of YieldComputer BV

From the R&D center: Pieterjan Oomen, R&D Director of YieldComputer BV

Date: 19 April 2022

Time: 16:00 CET

In this webinar, Paul and Pieterjan will lead you through:

  • How accurate forecasts optimize operations and improve sales.
  • A new industry benchmark for soft fruit that leads to an actual observed error of 40%-50%
  • The forecast process from ‘the field to sales department’
  • How YieldComputer enables the industry to get an easier and accurate forecast
  • An end-to-end approach that bridges existing industry silos
  • The actionable insights that are available for operations and sales
  • Real success case stories

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