Data Engineer

We're seeking a data structuring and transforming master.

What will you do?

As a data engineer you play a vital role in our AgriTech forecasting solution, deploying, and maintaining our Machine Learning models in our production environment. You are making sure the intelligent and innovative part of our solution is performing well on all live data, collected by our IoT sensors and cameras in the field. Combining this field data, in a clever way, with all other data sources.  

You are engineering the data-pipelines that will extract, transform, and load and clean up data such that it can be used by our ML models, online solution and by the rest of the data-team for research purposes.  

  1. Data engineering, on the data analytics database. Restructure, monitor, calculate features and maintenance. You will have a key-role in the whole YieldComputer team between developers and data scientists in organizing and structuring 'analytics'-ready datasets. 
  2. ML Operations, get our ‘smart suggestions’ operational on the production environment together with our dev-team based on incoming and pre-calculated data. 

What are we looking for?

  • Solid programming skills, statistics knowledge, analytical skills, and an understanding of big data technologies
  • Min. 3 years’ work-experience and / or, a relevant background in Data Engineering, Computer Science, or a related study. 
  • Strong communicator, passionate about your work and our product. Able to bring your suggestions and improvements across to both the team and other stakeholders.
  • Experience with cloud environment, such as Microsoft Azure, is a plus 
  • Good understanding of Python and or R is a plus. 
  • Experience with open-source big data technologies and platforms (e.g., MLFlow, Hadoop & Spark, Git, Apache, Terraform, Databricks, etc. ) is a plus 
  • Willing and capable to bring our start-up to the next level with your skills

What we offer

  • A crucial and challenging position in a dynamic and innovative AgriTech start up.  
  • Room for self-development and growth supported and coached by experienced colleagues.
  • An ambitious and enthusiastic multi-disciplinary team to work with. Dedicated to solve together a real-world challenge in an innovative and impactful way.
  • A competitive salary with room to grow
  • Flexibility in working at home and office* 
  • Young and creative environment with state-of-the-art technology 

*) Our office is based in Eindhoven at Strijp-T. You are flexible to work from home, but we have some mandatory working days together at the office.   

About YieldComputer

YieldComputer is an AgriTech start-up which is using (AI (Artificial Intelligence)) technology and IoT, to help the soft fruit sector (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries) to drastically improve the accuracy of their harvests forecasts. With our product, this primary sector can become more resilient and sustainable, by having a better negotiation position, through better information, towards the large purchasing retailers.

More accurate yield forecasts also leads to a more efficient and sustainable use of resources.  

Surpluses are identified more timely and as a result fresh soft fruit is less unnecessarily sold and processed industrially or disposed as waste. In addition, fruit, in which many resources have been put, is prevented from remaining unnecessarily in the field.

Application process

  1. We would like to receive your application accompanied with your CV and introduction/motivation letter.  
  2. After an evaluation of your application and when we see a match, we will invite you for a first introduction meeting. Which will be held with 2 colleagues with at least one data science team member, so you can ask your questions about the position, and we will get to know you more.
  3. When you and we are still excited, we will have, most of the time, a second interview. To talk about how to fill in the position and expectations both ways.
  4. After this meeting you will receive an offer, which you can reply to.
  5. And you have joined the team. HURRAY!!!

Please send in your application BEFORE half of February

Lander Meeuws  

Data science

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